On the Move is an exhibition of professional photography commissioned by the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture. It celebrates the lives, challenges and ecological knowledge of transhumant shepherds and nomadic pastoralists in the Mediterranean region. From North Africa to the Middle East, from the Iberian Peninsula to Turkey, Greece and the Balkans, the work of professional photographers from each subregion will be featured in this unique travelling exhibition.


And last but not least, we extend a very warm welcome to Gema Arrugaeta , our professional photographer from Spain!



Posted on Jun 4, 2014

Gema Arrugaeta


Gema Arrugaeta is a professional photographer who lives in natural surroundings in the mountains of Navarre. There, she prepares and edits her work on nature, the countryside, the world´s different cultures and places, in her photographic studio.

To see her beautiful work, visit:


www.gema-arrugaeta.com /

Gema Arrugaeta




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